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Our Products

Our product line organized into different categories: bridal sets, three stones, solitaires, engagement rings, wedding bands, eternity bands etc. The pendant line is also categorized depending on: the styled theme, the use of purpose, and the shape of stones.  Additionally, some categories are divided into sub categories.
Abbreviations are used for each category’s name. For example, “BS” stands for bridal sets and “TS” stands for three stones. All of our style number systems start from 100, in other words BS100 is the first style number in the BS category, and TS100 is the first item in the TS category.  All of our products’ style numbers contain more information about the product. As an example, in the case of BS100-65, the 65 refers to the center stone of the engagement rings in the BS100 series and so the center stone is 6.5 mm.  In the case of BS100-74, the BS refers to bridal set, 100 refers to the style number, and 74 refers to 7.4 mm center stone.
The stone size information is in millimeters (mm). There is a mm to carats conversion chart available for download and at the back of every one of our catalogs. The metal weights in our catalogs and at our website is in grams for 14K gold.  The weights and measurements are approximate as the actual sizes of stones and weights may vary.
All the images are enlarged to show detail and are not scaled to the actual sizes. 
All of our products are available in 10K, 14K, 18K, white, yellow and rose golds. We do cast in 950 Palladium and Platinum.
Our standard finger sizes for ladies are 6.5-7.0 and 10 for men. Orders can be placed with a specific finger size; we do not charge extra for a specific finger size request.
All of our products with exception of “WEDDING BANDS” are available in rough castings, polished ready to set mountings, completely finished or semi-finished with our or your stones.
If there are any typographical errors in our catalogs or at our website will not held responsible. However, we will make the best effort to correct the errors.